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Just another Avatard....

27 January
Hi, my name is Nicole!!!! I'm 13 years old and my Zodiac sign is Aquarius. My Favorite color is Royal Blue and my Favorite number is 65. I LOVE to use exclaimation marks and "....". I also LOVE to use Emoticons (or Smilies)!!!! I have 2 little brothers and 3 Cats!!!! I love it when it Rains and I love Winter!!!! I'm definitly a Night Owl. I usually stay up till about 4:30 A.M. on school nights, and 6 A.M. on Weekends.

I love the show Avatar: The Last Airbender!!!! Though I'm a Fan of many diffrent Pairings (A.K.A. Shippings), my Favorite Pairing is ZUTARA (Zuko + Katara)!!!! My favorite FEMALE characters on AVATAR are Azula, Katara, Ursa, Yue, Kya, and June. My favorite MALE characters on AVATAR are Zuko, Ozai, and Iroh.
My RP(Roleplaying) Character is based off of Yue. Her name is Luna Sai. ("Luna" means "The Moon". "Sai" means "Talented".) I RP with her on "The Avatar Sagas" Forum ( http://theavatarsagas.proboards78.com/index.cgi?action=viewprofile&user=lunasai ).

~The hidden meaning behind my Username~
"Burning" is what fire does. Therefore, "Burning"=Fire.
In AVATAR, the "Moon" was the first Waterbender. Therefore, "Moon"=Water.

So.... "Burning"=Fire, "Moon"=Water. Fire+Water= ZUTARA!!!!
I just added "65" into it, because it's my favorite number.

There's also another meaning to my UserName. "Burning Moon" refers to when the Moon turned Red when the Moon Spirit's life was in danger on the show AVATAR.